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Acme Special Effects - Gregg Hendrickson
Santa Fe , NM, 87501
H: 505-992-6180
C: 949-351-1716
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Union rep   IATSE Local 480
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Gregg started out working at Paramount Studios as a carpenter but his talents were recognized and he was quickly moved into the props department making a variety of action props. Having access over the years to many of the greats in the business, he quickly learned the art of special effects and pyrotechnics. His perfect safety record, great timing, knack for making everything from little gags to big explosions look just right has made him a valuable crew member. He recently moved to Santa Fe.
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Although probably best at pyrotechnics, Gregg's skills include a wide variety of talents including carpentry, welding, fabrication, rigging, scuba diving and was once trained as a mechanic. Rain storms to snow storms, just a trickle at the right moment or a set covered in snow, you can trust that you will be getting just what you need. The special effects trailer is well equiped and ready to go. A smaller, second unit or back-up trailer is also available. Additional rentals available.
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